What Should You Look for in the Perfect Mattress?

Today’s mattresses are made of a lot more than a handful of springs and a pine box frame. From memory foam and cooling gels, to high grade metal springs and full latex mattresses, the choices for mattresses seems endless. This is why you need an expert from Erie Shores Mattress to walk you through the options and help educate you on what you need in the perfect mattress for your sleepless nights.

Things to Look for in Your Next Mattress

This is the first and most common thing people look for. But it shouldn’t be the end all be all of your mattress shopping experience either. Make sure to test how it feels for more than a moment. Lay on the mattress, and understand how it supports your back and joints.
Sensitivity to Movement/Movement Dampening
This is an important characteristic for anyone with children, pets or a restless spouse. Most mattresses have some degree of movement dampening, meaning that is a part of the bed moves, the part you are sleeping on does not.
Supportiveness and Adjustability
Similar to feel and firmness, Supportiveness takes it a step further, asking how well does the bed support your back, joints and extremities. The perfect mattress isn’t always one that feels like sleeping on a cloud, and if you have back or joint issues you should look for something with a firmer, more supported feel to help take pressure off those places during sleep. Adjustable beds can also help compensate for the natural curve of your body and spine, creating the ideal sleeping surface for your rest.
Materials it is made of
The materials a bed is made of play a big part in its softness, durability as well as the conductivity of heat. Some synthetic beds tend to trap heat close to the surface, which can make for an uncomfortable and sweaty sleeping experience in the middle of summer. Other beds use things like conductive foams or cooling gels to help wick heat away, keeping your bed cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and helping promote healthy sleep.
Durability and Expected Use
If you’re looking for an everyday sleeper in your master bedroom, your checklist should be a lot longer than if you want an extra mattress for the guest bedroom in the basement. Lots of people seem to assume all mattresses are the same, but that’s not the case. Consider how long you want your mattress to last, how often it is being slept on, and the types of use it’s going to be getting before making a purchase. The difference could be huge, for only pennies more a day that you use it.

These are just a few of the many considerations you should be thinking about when you go in to purchase your next mattress. Obviously, having an expert at your side who can help figure out what you should be looking for, and what your body needs to be most rested, is a huge benefit and exactly what you can expect at Erie Shores Mattress.

Personalized service, dedication to providing the customer with the education they need to make the right choice, and transparent pricing to help people compare apples to apples. It’s all here at Erie Shores Mattress.

A better sleep and more restful nights start today at Erie Shores Mattress.