The first and finest in TEMPUR material mattresses


Tempur-Pedic is a household brand name—and for a good reason. For over 25 years, Tempur-Pedic has led the sleep industry in support, comfort and value, designated “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Mattresses” in 2017. That’s because their cutting-edge proprietary TEMPUR material technology gives you a sleep experience you just can’t get with other mattress brands.

Why choose Tempur-Pedic foam?

Run-of-the-mill innerspring mattresses may be cheap, but they can’t provide the motion isolation that Tempur-Pedic has. Even competing memory foam brands lack the foam density Tempur-Pedic utilizes, due to the distinctive Tempur material technology—which is important, because foam density is directly related to quality.

Each Tempur-Pedic mattress is designed for top-level comfort and durability, employing an advanced layered construction for high-quality sleep. Every breathable layer has a specialized foam density: this multi-layer combination uniquely reacts to changes in pressure and temperature as you sleep. The innovative SmartClimate™ System technology gives you cool-to-the-touch comfort by wicking moisture from the cover fabric and keeping it from the core. The cover itself is incredibly easy to clean or replace: just zip it off and on again.

Find your Tempur-Pedic sleep solution.

If you experience back or joint pain, Tempur-Pedic can provide your body proper support and spine alignment by isolating movement, relieving pressure points and minimizing discomfort. By adapting to each sleeper’s curves, the foam evenly distributes pressure—particularly useful if you share the bed with a partner.

Tempur-Pedic offers several series of cutting edge foam mattresses of varying density layers, so you can find your personalized sleep solution no matter what type of sleeper you are. If you value your sleep highly, then Tempur-Pedic is worth the investment.

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Twin XL Full Queen King/Cal King
Mattress Only $1,949 n/a $2,499 $3,299


Twin Twin XL Full Queen King/Cal King
Supreme Breeze n/a $3,449 $3,849 $3,999 $4,799
Elite n/a $3,149 $3,549 $3,699 $4,499
Supreme $2,449 $2,449 $2,849 $2,999 $3,799
Prima $1,649 $1,649 $2,049 $2,199 $2,999


Twin Twin XL Full Queen King/Cal King
Luxe Breeze n/a $4,449 n/a $4,999 $5,799
Luxe n/a $3,449 n/a $3,999 $5,799
Supreme Breeze n/a $3,249 $3,649 $3,799 $4,599
Elite n/a $2,949 $3,349 $3,499 $4,299
Supreme $2,249 $2,249 $2,649 $2,799 $3,599
Prima $1,449 $1,449 $1,849 $1,999 $2,799


Twin Twin XL Full Queen King/Cal King
Luxe Breeze n/a $4,449 $n/a $4,999 $5,799
Elite Breeze n/a $3,949 n/a $4,499 $5,299
Rhapsody Luxe n/a $3,449 n/a $3,999 $4,799
Elite n/a $2,949 $3,349 $3,499 $4,299
Supreme $2,249 $2,249 $2,649 $2,799 $3,599

The Grand Bed by TEMPUR-Pedic

Queen King/Cal King
Grand Bed $7,999 $9,399
TEMPUR-Ergo Adjustable Grand Bed $12,497 $13,597


Twin Twin XL Full Queen King/Cal King
Plus Adjustable Base $1,049 $1,049 $1,099 $1,099 $2,098
Premier Adjustable Base $1,749 $1,749 $1,799 $1,799 $3,498