Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Helping Children in Need Sleep Better

All children deserve a safe, comfortable place to lay their heads. In Idaho and across the US, too many boys and girls go without a bed—or even a pillow—to sleep on. These children end up sleeping on couches, blankets, and even floors. This can affect their happiness and their health.

That’s where Sleep in Heavenly Peace comes in. They’re a group of volunteers dedicated to building, assembling and delivering top-notch bunk beds to children and families in need. Their organization has grown steadily over time, and they’re working on opening more chapters in different states to serve more people.

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Help Kids Get the Beds They Need

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is always looking for people who want to pitch in and help. There are a variety of ways you can get involved and contribute:

  • Building Bunk Beds
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace schedules “Build Days” where they construct the beds. SHP and the volunteers take a pile of wood and break out the drills, sanders, saws and paintbrushes.
    If you don’t have any woodworking experience, don’t worry—they use a simple, easy-to-follow design. Also, experienced volunteers will be there to guide you through the stages of the construction process.

  • Bed Deliveries
  • After we’ve completed the bunk beds, the SHP volunteers deliver them to the families in need. These situations are pretty sensitive, so they only use a few volunteers for deliveries.

  • Spread the Word
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace has grown thanks to the people who have helped spread the word. Telling others about SHP may be the most important way for people to volunteer.
    You’ll be amazed at the response you’ll get when you talk about your involvement with our group (honestly, we still are). The more people hear about SHP, the more volunteers they’ll have. And the more volunteers they have, the more beds they can build and the more children they can help.

Get Involved

Make A Donation
Help SHP Help More Families

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is 100% volunteer-driven and donation-driven. Any donations they receive will go towards:

  • Purchasing materials for beds
  • Bed assembly and delivery
  • Building and improving their organization

SHP has no paid employees. The donations they recieve from individuals, service groups or corporations determine how many beds they can produce and deliver. Thank you so much for supporting their work!

To learn more or make a donation towards Sleeping Heavenly Peace, visit their website today!

Request a Free Bed for Your Kids

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is always eager to help families in need, particularly ones whose kids have uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. Unfortunately, they can only help families who are close to their active chapters. Therefore, you must fit the following criteria to receive one of SHP's bunk beds:


You must live near one of Sleeping Heavenly Sleep's active chapters. (See a complete Chapter list at Sleeping Heavenly Peace.)


You must have an accessible house or apartment with a room large enough to fit one of our beds.


Sleeping Heavenly Peace must be able to contact you via phone, text or email.


You’ll need to fill out our online SHP Application Form. If your application is accepted, you’ll need to sign an Indemnification Release Form (you can do this when your bed arrives). You can submit the application here:

Online Bed Request

If you are unable to fill out the online application, please contact your Chapter President.

If you have questions about donations or anything SHP does, please: