About Erie Shores Mattress

Erie Shores Mattress began in Perrysburg as the vision of John Mendofik, a life-long mattress industry expert who saw first-hand the importance of having the right mattress to ensure a healthy and restful sleep.

John started ESM in order to make buying the right mattress easy, transparent and affordable for everyone, helping to educate people on what matters most when you’re buying a mattress. Our prices are 100% guaranteed, and we avoid playing the games and deals that other companies do, choosing easy to understand and compare numbers that make mattress buying simple for customers.

What makes Erie Shores Different? We Take the time to:

  • Promote healthy, natural sleep above all else
  • Offer Transparent pricing that makes sense
  • Make comparisons easy between brands, models and features
  • Provide personalized attention and education specific to you
Erie Shores Mattress Erie Shores Mattress

Why Choose Erie Shores Mattress?

The answer is easy: No one will guarantee you a better, healthier and more restful sleep than we do. Erie Shores takes customer service to an entirely different level, offering you a variety of options and working with you to find the perfect fit, for both comfort and restfulness. We work with any budget and size to find the perfect mattress for your sleeping needs.

Your bed is the one thing you will use every single day of your life. Buy it from someone you trust to help you make the right decision for yourself, your spouse, and your sleep.

A better sleep and more restful nights start today at Erie Shores Mattress.